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Disability not an obstacle for David

2020-10-06  Staff Reporter

Disability not an obstacle for David

Hilma Nakanduungile

EENHANA - Certainly when they say disability is not inability, 29-year-old Tuyimo David whose legs were amputated many years ago, is a
perfect example as she strives to change her life for the better through upholstery. Born at Ehoma village of Omulonga constituency and bred in Onanghulo village of Ondobe constituency of the Ohangwena region, David’s legs were amputated 20 years ago when she was
in grade 3, leaving her with an option of using artificial legs.

Regardless of her condition, David strives to live a fulfilling life, just like other young people. She refuses to sit and wait for manna to fall from heaven. She says disability does not define her, therefore, there is much she can do to sustain herself. Today, David is the owner of Tuyimo
Bags Maker and Trading CC, based in Eenhana. She repairs furniture, car seat  covers and car mats, something she learnt herself out of passion. She is also a tailor.

“God blessed me with strength and good health of which I am grateful for. I am a go-getter. Although I am disabled, no one
taught me all that I do. It all started two years back when I saw an office chair that was worn out and I thought of repairing it. I did so with
my own hands and the outcome was amazing. I then took it from there,” she narrated.
Recounting her story to this reporter while demonstrating how she does car mats, David says due to her commitment and passion for
what she does, a Good Samaritan tailor availed her space and a sewing machine temporarily. She has been in the upholstery industry for two years now.

She says, so far her business is doing well and it serves as an inspiration for her to soldier on. However, resources are decelerating
her progress. “If it wasn’t the paucity of resources, I could have gone far in life. It is very unfortunate that I cannot do much at the moment.
I am in need of an overlock and industrial straight sewing machines as I currently depend on my friend’s equipment. At times I feel that I am
delaying her because sometimes she forfeit her clients just to give me a chance to use the machine. If only I had my own, I will reach heights,” she said.

She is appealing to the nation to come to her aid, especially with equipment. ‘I am humbly requesting Good Samaritans to assist me with the
little they have so I procure my own machines. I also need a place of my own, even a shack for me to operate freely. I have sought for help earlier but unfortunately nobody came through,’ she said. Looking at the car seat covers she has repaired, it’s just a matter of resources. Should she acquire the necessary equipment, David’s business will flourish.

“My prayer is that I get the necessary equipment. The pace of customers is so good, but since I do not have the needed machines, it takes time to attend to their requests. If my business grows, I plan on employing other youths. All I want is to see fellow youth being able to
sustain themselves,” she stressed.

Furthermore, David urged people with disabilities to consider moral ways of earning a living. “Disability doesn’t mean inability. Those who are able to work and get something on top of the disability grant should do so. Let’s not just be dependent on the grant. If you are able to do something to acquire a livelihood, kindly do so. We have people who are not disabled in any way and all they want is just to be spoon fed. It’s high time we break spoon feeding lazy individuals,” urged David.
*Hilma Nakanduungile is an Information Officer in the ICT ministry based in Ohangwena region.

2020-10-06  Staff Reporter

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