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Doc Jubber hockey field facelift far from complete … NHU needs N$2.5 million to finish it

2023-05-24  Maurice Kambukwe

Doc Jubber hockey field facelift far from complete … NHU needs N$2.5 million to finish it

Renovations to the Doc Jubber hockey field in Olympia have faced significant delays due to financial constraints, the Namibia Hockey Union (NHU) has said. 

NHU media officer Epafras Tunomwaameni told New Era Sport the project, which commenced in 2019, is currently only 65% complete. To finalise renovations on the facility, the NHU estimates that N$2.5 million is required to cover various aspects of the project. 

The media officer provided a detailed breakdown of the funding required for each component of the facility’s completion. 

“We need N$5 million to install a full astro turf or alternatively N$1.5 million for a 5’s turf option,” Tunomwaameni stated. 

“In addition, N$1 million is necessary to erect floodlights, allowing matches and training sessions to take place in the evenings. We also require N$1 million to install an adjacent grass field that could be utilised by other sports codes, such as football or volleyball. Furthermore, N$500 000 is allocated for gate and interlock improvements, N$500 000 for the renovation of dressing rooms and spectator stands, and N$500 000 for operating costs during the first year.”  

In response to the funding challenges, he said the union has decided to adopt a phased implementation strategy, dividing the project into smaller, more manageable stages. 

Tunomwaameni explained, “Our phased approach aims to secure funding in smaller increments to ensure progress. Phase 1 will involve upgrading security, followed by Phase 2, which focuses on the installation of Hockey5 turf – a third of the full-size carpet. Phase 3 will encompass upgrading the dressing rooms, and Phase 4 will be dedicated to establishing the grass field, which could generate income by accommodating other sport codes. Subsequently, Phase 5 will involve the installation of floodlights, with the final phase aiming to complete the full turf,” he said.

Despite approaching multiple companies for sponsorship, the NHU has encountered reluctance to assist.

Tunomwaameni, however, expressed the NHU’s efforts to explore alternative fundraising options. 

“We are working on a plan for a fundraiser through a raffle ticket scheme, with the hope of offering an attractive grand prize to entice participants. Additionally, we have reached out to the International Hockey Federation to explore possible assistance with the project,” he added.

Tunomwaameni noted that while the NHU appreciates the support of schools that have allowed them to use their pitches for hosting opportunities, the urgent need for the completion of the Doc Jubber hockey field is to facilitate the growth of hockey and provide accessible facilities.

“Numerous clubs and schools are in desperate need of training grounds. Completing the Doc Jubber hockey field is crucial for running leagues, both senior and junior, as renting turf time from schools currently costs N$1 200 per hour,” he said. 

The NHU has, thus, initiated discussions with other sports codes to explore potential cooperation in their pursuit of solutions. Additionally, they are considering erecting a multisport hall to cater to the needs of multiple sports.


2023-05-24  Maurice Kambukwe

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