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Family appeals for murder accused to get bail

2022-06-27  Festus Hamalwa

Family appeals for murder accused to get bail

Okatope – The family of Philipus Hanghome who is accused of killing his brother last week, are appealing to the state to grant him bail as soon as possible.

The 65-year-old Hanghome allegedly shot and killed his brother, Johannes Hanghome (51), on 19 June 2022 at the Okatope village in Ohangwena region. 

The accused appeared in Ohangwena Magistrate’s Court on Tuesday and was remanded in custody. The case was then postponed to 24 August 2022 for further investigations and legal representation.

When New Era visited the deceased’s homestead at the Okatope village in the Ohangwena region over the weekend, family members said Johannes was the trouble maker who usually assaulted his older brother (Philipus).

“Johannes is the one who likes going to his brother’s house to beat him, and also to demand food and inheritance (cattle) of their late father who died in 2005,” the family narrated.

They thus want Philipus to come back home and continue staying with his children, who lost their mother to Covid-19 complications last year.

The widow, Tuwilika Nashiwaya, told this publication she is shocked and saddened by the death of her husband.

“I told him to stop bullying his elder brother (accused). My husband didn’t listen. I tried several times to stop him from going to the accused’s house, but he keeps going there demanding cattle.”

Also speaking to New Era, 89-year-old Secilia Hanghome, the mother of the two brothers, said she is devastated.

“When I heard about the fight between my sons, I left home to stop them. Immediately, after Johannes won the fight, he went back to his house. I spoke to him not to go there anymore, but he kept saying he’s going back to beat Philipus for the second time,” said the mother.

She added that since last year, Johannes has always been beating his older brother.

“What can I do now if everything has been done? God is in control of everything. To my son, may his soul rest in peace,” she said sadly.

A heart-broken younger brother Beny Hanghome said it is indeed sad news, especially to the children who witnessed the incident.

Beny said he also used to be scared of Johannes because he liked beating up people.

“Last year in December, Johannes went to the accused’s house and beat him. The accused was swollen and taken to hospital,” he stated.

Beny further explained that since then, Johannes and Philipus didn’t talk until the day the incident happened.

“I was about to put them together (reconcile). I wasn’t happy that my elder brothers didn’t talk. So, I was busy trying to figure out the issues between them.” 

Beny said Philipus was always being beaten up by Johannes.

“Sunday, when I was told about the incident, I immediately sent a neighbour to grab a gun from the Phillipus because I was worried that he might also shoot himself,” he explained.

Beny stated that when the neighbour arrived at Phillipus’ house, his brother handed over the gun and went to his room to sleep until the police came to arrest him.

Philipus was also taken to hospital because he was swollen after being beaten by Johannes.

“The deceased was the trouble maker. Imagine that he went to beat the accused for the second time when his wife and our mother were trying to stop him. Philipus warned him not to enter his house, but he jumped into the house and beat the accused,” said Beny.

He added that this caused Philipus to shoot Johannes, and the bullets struck his chest and right leg. He died on the spot. 


2022-06-27  Festus Hamalwa

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