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Matheus spreads God’s message

2023-10-02  Correspondent

Matheus spreads God’s message

Julina Kaakunga 

A science teacher for over six years, Lea Matheus is also an author and recently published her second book titled ‘Worry about your sins, God won’t ask you mine’ on 13 August 2023. 

‘Worry about your sins, God won’t ask you mine’, dwells deep in the desire to make people pause and think, she told VIBEZ! 

“When we point fingers at others and pass judgment, it’s almost as if we’re trying to divert attention away from our own shortcomings. But the truth is, we all have our own flaws and mistakes. None of us are perfect,” explained Matheus. 

She added that the mention of God in the title is symbolic – a reminder that in the grand scheme of things, everyone is accountable for their own actions to a higher power, whatever that may be for each individual. 

However, she did not launch it officially as she is currently focusing on building her presence as an author but plans to launch her next book in the future. 

Matheus began her journey as a writer in the year 2010 while still at Iipumbu Senior Secondary in Oshakati. One of the highlights of her early writing days was a fiction book she wrote called ‘The Tears of Success’, which, according to her, was a story her fellow learners couldn’t get enough of. 

Her first book ‘Believe me you, I’m your surgeon,’ published on 8 June 2022, came unexpectedly, she narrated. 

“I dropped every other book I was working on and entered a writing competition held by Microwide Publishing last year, never really considering myself being a published author that soon. To my surprise, my fiction piece won the third prize in this competition, and that’s when I started to think seriously about writing as a path I wanted to explore,” she recalled. 

Her inspiration in non-fiction comes from Brené Brown, whom she described as her favourite American author who writes “about feelings like being open, feeling bad about ourselves, finding bravery, and understanding others”. 

“This inspired me to write ‘Worry about your sins, God won’t ask you mine’ where I talk about this problem of pointing fingers at others without thinking about our own wrongs.” 

She said Brown’s books on vulnerability, courage, and empathy have a profound way of delving into the human experience and are encouraging people to be more open and compassionate. 

Matheus said the great feedback she has received taught her a valuable lesson. 

“That’s a fantastic feeling because it means my efforts to shed light on the issue of judgment and criticism are hitting the mark,” she noted. 

Asked about challenges encountered, she said the biggest challenge is consistency, as there were times she would be excited and full of ideas, as well as motivated, and other times self-doubt and her personal and professional responsibilities would get to her. 

Her advice for other writers is: “Believe in your unique voice and perspective. Each of us has a story to tell, and it’s essential to embrace your individuality as a writer. Don’t try to mimic others or conform to what’s popular.” 

Her future plans involve writing more thought-provoking books, “amplifying my voice, and, fingers crossed, turning one of my novels into a blockbuster Hollywood movie to entertain and inspire even more people.” 

The books are available in Windhoek and Ongwediva. 

A copy of her book ‘Worry about your sins, God won’t ask you mine’ is priced at N$250, she can be contacted via or 0814560708. 

Matheus also connects with her readers using her Instagram page at author_gamariel. This is where she creates a space where readers can engage with her and each other. - 

2023-10-02  Correspondent

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