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Matilde Rens on her viral TikTok presence

2022-01-21  Staff Reporter

Matilde Rens on her viral TikTok presence
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  Emilie Shimbali


Matilde Kulo Rens proves social media is a platform for success. 

She continues to make waves on TikTok, attracting thousands of viewers with humorous clips about absent fathers, gender-based violence and other topics.

Rens was born in exile, and she is a local film director, wife and mother of two. 

She is a born comedienne, posting short videos in both Oshiwambo and English on the popular social media site TikTok and other platforms. 

Above all, Rens uses the power of comedy to transform the lives of many people. 

She has over 45 000 TikTok followers and shows no signs of slowing down.

“I still have a long way to go before I find my ideal audience. You know, I’ve always wanted a platform where I could share my experiences without shouting at or judging others. People love reality, but you have to find a nice way to address them if you want your message to be taken seriously,” she tells VIBEZ!

Rens cited one of her favourite videos: ‘Father’s chilling with young girls, while children aren’t supported’ as a trending issue in the country, and emphasised the importance of fathers supporting their children.

“Some fathers have no reason to be fathers; they are always late to support their children. This is truly bad behaviour, and it may be one of the reasons why mothers sometimes abandon their children. The child must have support from both parents. Don’t just impregnate and run; be proud of that baby and work hard for a better life.”

She recently received an award of appreciation from the Monica gender-based violence organisation for her efforts to raise awareness about important issues.

Rens believes it is critical to have a well-informed nation, and her vision is to see people put what she talks about into action. “We just need to correct one another. If you see someone you care about on social media, just tell them you love them. We’re trying to achieve peace and reconciliation; let’s not get stuck in hatred.”


2022-01-21  Staff Reporter

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