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‘Musicpreneurs’ give advice

2021-11-26  Staff Reporter

‘Musicpreneurs’ give advice
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The National Theatre of Namibia (NTN) recently released its second online reader under the title ‘Music Business in Namibia Reader 2021’.

The reader is a compilation of perspectives by 20 local musicians and industry experts, offering recommendations on how emerging artists could navigate the music business sustainably in the country. 

The publication sheds light on available opportunities and mechanisms for emerging musicians and music creatives by demystifying practices in the business. 

Targeted for emerging talents, it further aims to offer a backdrop on the realities and opportunities for artists within the sector, and leave readers with critical considerations for their professional development in the business. 

Through interviews and written segments, the capacity-building reader includes an overview of some lived experiences in and around the Namibian music business, and what it takes to find success in the music industry. 

The expert contributors include Elemotho, Erna Chimu, Big Ben, Maria Immanuel (ML Musik), Lize Ehlers, John Walenga, Oteya, Steven /Naruseb, DJ KBoz, DJ Castro, Rukee Kaakunga, Eino John Max, Gazza, Cisle Jacobs, Llewelyn Adams, Daniel Nelumbu (ibuynam), Emily Dangwa, Suzy Eises, Burton Reid and Alma Ulamba. 

The reader offers a realistic backdrop on the Namibian music business scene, and covers varied areas such as copyright matters, branding and marketing, networking, sales approaches, digital mechanisms, wellness, collaborative work, management, entrepreneurial approaches and partnership building. 

The publication is proudly supported by the National Arts Council of Namibia, and is available for download on NTN’s website at no cost across the period of 24 months.

There is plenty to mug up in this reader for emerging musicians, vocalists, songwriters, lyricists, producers, studio owners, managers or any other form of ‘musicpreneurs’. 

For more information and biographies of the contributing experts, visit

For media materials, see the link 1vvGtKxmbTy538UpwrhQpBoR-cqaxcXPga

2021-11-26  Staff Reporter

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