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My makeup business is my mom and dad

2021-11-26  Staff Reporter

My makeup business is my mom and dad
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  Emilie Shimbali


Ndapewa Laina Lukas started her makeup business with difficulty, buying one product at a time until she had all she needed to open Beauty by Laina.

It was a hobby at first, but after her parents died, she made it her main hustle to support herself and her two siblings. Lukas refers to her company as her ‘mom and dad’, because it puts bread on the table.

“I used all my energy to save money in a money box and to buy products one by one until I had all of them. Then another challenge arose – people were judging me, especially at weddings; some people did not like my work, and pointed out any mistakes I made,” she told VIBEZ!

Lukas has since upped her game and now confidently installs extraordinary face beats for clients for various events, such as weddings and photoshoots in Ongwediva and Oshakati.

“My inspiration comes from seeing my business thrive on a daily basis. Receiving booking requests makes me feel like I’m doing something right, and encourages me to have more faith in myself and put in more effort to grow my business.” 

She emphasised that makeup has always been her passion, and lives to give women more confidence through makeup, making them more attractive and beautiful.

“My love for makeup has inspired me on a whole new level. Makeup brings me joy, and the fact that it is where I am surviving from fuels my desire to work long hours.”

She advised women to work hard for themselves, even if others lash out at them with storms of negative words, because “they are only aiming to stop you from doing what makes you happy”.

Lukas is now looking forward to an exciting journey in her career as a self-taught makeup artist.

For bookings, follow her on social media at @Beauty by Laina or call to 0813109629. 


Laina Lukas, the makeup guru. 

Photo: Contributed

2021-11-26  Staff Reporter

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