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Ndeitunga adamant Rooies will be caught

2021-11-23  Loide Jason

Ndeitunga adamant Rooies will be caught
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Three weeks after the mysterious disappearance of fraud accused fugitive Walter ‘Rooies’ Mostert, who escaped from custody early this month after a court appearance, the police are none the wiser about his whereabouts.

The 62-year-old reportedly vanished after having been dropped off at the Auas Hills hospital in Auasblick on Friday 5 November. Mostert was receiving medical attention at the hospital under police guard. 

The suspect has been in custody awaiting trial for fraud for allegedly assisting a South African family to obtain Namibian citizenship, in exchange for money.

According to Inspector General Sebastian Ndeitunga, Mostert was aided by a police officer who was arrested and charged.

“That fugitive did not escape; he was aided by the police officer who is in custody as we speak. But we are busy arranging to re-arrest the fugitive,” said Ndeitunga.

Although Ndeitunga explained the police are arranging to re-arrest the fugitive, he could not provide any information of the whereabouts of the fugitive.

“I did not receive fresh information about the investigation but all I can tell you is that the fugitive is still on the run and we will re-arrest him,” he stated.

Sources said the fugitive is suspected to be in South Africa as he has Namibian and South African citizenship.

“We cannot find him and we suspect that he could possibly be out of the country, particularly in South Africa as he has South African citizenship,” said the source. 

Khomas regional commander Ismael Basson also speculated the fugitive is out of the country.

Inspector Reinhold Nenkavu was arrested following Mostert’s disappearance.  Nenkavu was granted bail last week.

Basson said that although Nenkavu is released from custody, he will go through a disciplinary hearing to determine if he is fit to continue serving as a professional officer.

“The process will only start now, following his release from custody. There must be a disciplinary hearing, assessment of fitness and possible suspension,” he explained.

Nenkavu (51), who is stationed at the Katutura Magistrate’s Court, made his first appearance at the same court and was charged with two criminal charges, including unlawfully and intentionally assisting Mostert to escape from lawful custody and of defeating the course of justice.  


2021-11-23  Loide Jason

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