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OPINION - How to talk to your family about money

2023-12-05  Correspondent

OPINION - How to talk to your family about money

Mauriza Fredericks


Money is a subject that often stirs unease, even within family circles. However, open and honest discussions about finances are indispensable for fostering trust and ensuring financial stability. 

In Namibia, where family bonds hold great significance, it is crucial to approach these conversations with sensitivity. This article delves into the art of conversing about money with three essential family groups: spouses, children and extended family members.


Talking to your spouse/partner

Communication serves as the bedrock of any strong marriage or partnership. When it comes to discussing money with your spouse in Namibia, establishing a solid foundation is paramount. Setting aside dedicated time for financial talks is the first step. Choosing a peaceful and uninterrupted setting creates a non-judgmental atmosphere that encourages honest dialogue. 

By openly sharing your financial goals and collaborating to construct a household budget, you ensure that both partners are on the same page. Honesty about debts is crucial, as it lays the groundwork for managing and paying off debts as a team. In cases of financial complexity, the option of consulting a financial advisor in Namibia can provide much-needed guidance.


Talking to your vhildren

Instilling financial literacy in your children is an invaluable life skill. Teaching children about money from an early age lays the foundation for sound financial habits and decision-making. It starts with age-appropriate conversations, using simple language and tangible examples for younger children, while introducing more complex concepts as they grow.

Encouraging savings and involving children in setting up savings accounts are essential steps. Providing children with an allowance teaches them budgeting, goal setting and responsible decision-making. As children mature, engaging them in family financial decisions, such as discussing household budgets or involving them in grocery shopping, can further deepen their financial understanding. Leading by example and demonstrating responsible financial behaviour completes the learning cycle.


Talking to your extended family

In Namibia, the extended family often plays a vital role in our lives. Discussing financial matters with extended family members can be a sensitive affair, particularly when you have financial responsibilities towards them. Open and honest communication is the key to success. Honesty about your own financial situation and setting clear expectations about what you can and cannot afford are essential. 

Willingness to compromise and respecting the privacy of your extended family members is also crucial. Organising family meetings dedicated to openly discussing financial issues can be beneficial, preventing misunderstandings and ensuring everyone is aligned regarding family finances.

In conclusion, addressing financial topics within your family may seem daunting, but it is a necessary step toward ensuring a financially secure future. 

Effective communication, setting clear boundaries and practising financial responsibility are all vital components for maintaining healthy relationships and financial stability within your family in Namibia.

 Should you find yourself facing complex financial issues, remember that seeking professional advice from financial experts in Namibia is always a valuable option.

*Mauriza Fredericks is the Group brand manager at Old Mutual Namibia. 

2023-12-05  Correspondent

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