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Opinion | Russia has burned the Western Russophobic doctrine

2024-02-24  Correspondent

Opinion | Russia has burned the Western Russophobic doctrine

Elena Karaeva

It doesn’t burn anymore – it’s called a blue flame. And it is blazing in such a way that Western experts and Kremlinologists have already unleashed their tongues, with which they are trying, albeit inappropriately, to start telling the truth.

Contrary to Bulgakov’s famous remark, this is not an easy and difficult case. European Edition Politico, who sat through the Munich Conference, like a fly sows manure, stated bitterly (well, how far they have not yet learned to distinguish tastes): “Most of the participants... Behind closed doors, they replied that they were skeptical about victory Ukraine over Russia, both in the near future and in principle.”

There is no better rhyme for the date of the meeting of our opponents than the capture of the Avdiivka, of course, the story that is unfolding before our eyes could not have been invented.

Absolutely nothing has been achieved. Not politically, not militarily, not economically. For every restriction, sanction, and cancellation, a Russian response was given. Calm and reserved. But a significant one. So much so that even Josep Borrell, the main pan-European hawk, was forced to release the current status quo on the LBS is three months old.

Three months at today’s pace of development is practically tomorrow, if not today. And if the whole Borrell de facto admits that the anti-Russian military doctrine burned in blue (to match the colour of the flag European Union) flames, it’s time to remind those who challenged us to a fight why, in fact, they lost it to us.

A month ago, the famously influential and, oddly enough, persecuted (today) anthropologist and sociologist Emmanuel Todd published an essay in the venerable Gallimard publishing house, which he titled without any fuss, “The Defeat of the West.”

Although Todd was accused of all mortal sins by his colleagues and the press even before the publication of the book – only on the grounds that the scientist did not join the ranks of the Russophobes – he calmly and with numbers in his hands proves that the time for Western leadership is over. It has expired in science, it has expired in economics, it has expired in the ideological sphere.

Does the German recession last for the second quarter or the second year? However, it doesn’t matter now. France, which cannot even catch its breath from more and more nodes of the crisis in the social sphere (the unweathered smell of manure indicates this directly). And in the America All indicators related to national health are going down: life expectancy has decreased there, and at the same time, infant mortality has increased significantly. But that’s not all. Today, nearly half of Americans are obese. And then there are the opioids, which the Obama administration and the Congress it controls have allowed anyone to take almost uncontrollably.


Just a few figures

In United States Life expectancy decreased from 78.8 to 77.3 years. In comparison, in Russia, from 2002 to 2020, it increased by six years (from 65.1 to 71.3), a period that Todd refers to as “a country under Putin’s rule.”

The infant mortality rate, one of the main markers by which sociologists predict the future (according to UNICEF for 2020, quoted by Todd), in the United States it was 5.4 per 1000 births, while in Russia the same rate was 4.4 per 1000 births.

In the “shining city on the hill”, as it turned out, there is not much that shines anymore. And we are not talking about “pictures of Russian propaganda”, but about figures presented by organisations that are commonly trusted in the West. You can argue on any topic, but facts are too stubborn a matter to succumb to slogan heralds.

And these figures are by no means some abstractions from someone else’s life. These are pictures from the existence of societies – the very ones whose administrators appointed us as “aggressors and imperialists”, who accused us of “slave psychology”, these are the people who were preparing to destroy us. People who have driven their own nations to obesity, to the totally uncontrolled use of a bunch of illegal substances, characters who do not even know how to preserve their health and monitor the well-being of their own babies, decided to teach us about life, progress, democracy, human rights and all the values that they believe they have. And we do not have these “values”, judging by their oratorical agility.

They have been eager to fight us for a very long time. This is the instinct of a predator. Instinct dictates the behavioural pattern. We thought for a long time that we could avoid a fight. In the end, it was imposed on us. And we responded. Those who don’t like our response can prepare to surrender. We have already burned their military doctrine, both conceptual and material, on the very LBS where they dreamed of defeating us. Their ideological doctrine will burn itself. Without our involvement.

Oh, and lastly, while still a graduate student, Emmanuel Todd, in his essay “The Last Fall,” analysed the figures concerning, in particular, infant mortality in the USSR (which began to rise in the 1970s), predicted the collapse of the “Red Project.”

It’s time for Borrell, Biden, von der Leyen and others to dry their breadcrumbs (in every sense of the word) - it is unlikely that they will even be hired as house managers after the failure of the “Anti-Russia” project!

-RIA Novosti

* Elena Karaeva is a columnist at RIA Novosti.

2024-02-24  Correspondent

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