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Popyeni releases therapeutic single

2022-01-17  Strauss Lunyangwe

Popyeni releases therapeutic single
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Author and entrepreneur Sabati Popyeni surprised many when he recently released a single, titled ‘42 Blessings’.

Relatively known to be the guy behind the scenes, especially in local hip hop circles, he recorded a sentimental song he promised himself to do at the right time. 

“I made a promise to myself that I would release a once-off track before my 45th birthday. Last year, before I turned 42, the urge engulfed my mind to an extent that I made that commitment. The song has sentimental meaning to me. It’s a personal song meant for me and those I grew up with. As much as it’s entertainment, after the first time listening, it became very therapeutic,” he explained. Popyeni grew up on hip hop. Earlier, as an adolescent, he used to rap. However, that was just for fun; he never took it seriously. Hip hop is really a young person’s game, especially for those who didn’t start early.  “My purpose was rather to tick off a life resolution and also something to show my kids that you can decide to do anything. I believe this song will always be my voice for a family generation. My kids’ kids’ kids’ kids’, etc will always be able to listen to my voice. My purpose in the game is to be in the back seat and assist where I feel passionate to do as per my abilities.” 

The zhas always had a hand in the entertainment scene – being part of Free Your Mind stand-up comedy for seven years, starting Rap Battle Namibia, and most recently the Rap Attack television show that aired on NBC.

He released a book in 2020, titled ‘Let’s work’, which touches on his observation on customer service in Namibia. 

The rhyme slinger feels the country has talent – from beat-making, lyrical flow and creative video showcasing, but the chance to blossom onto international stages is caused by factors such as no agencies willing to put their money on artists.  “The potential is there, indeed. The pandemic has really starved the creatives, especially with a chance to host and be on stage. Already, hip-hop platforms were very limited. Going forward, we need to create more platforms and also align ourselves with international artists.” 

Quizzed as to how his journey has been as an author and entrepreneur, he said the real work begins when the book is released.  “This is where you align selling techniques and negotiation skills to use to sell your product. It is fulfilling though knowing you did the work and you become established. Nothing takes away the title of being an established author; it’s like a Dr title,” he stated.

“On entrepreneurship, for now, I regard myself as self-employed than that title. There’s a big difference. I’m on that journey, and I’m very happy. More time with my family, as I chose when and how to work. Best decision ever.” 

On the song, he worked with Phred Got1, now known as Mukenzi, and a lady called America.  “More than anything, this song should be able to inspire those with dreams, regardless of their age – not just in music but in anything. We should also be able to celebrate life as we grow older. Don’t let the notion of grey hair have your mind seated on a rocky chair. Life is beautiful. Growing older has not felt this good. Here’s a toast in the air – cheers,” he ended. -

2022-01-17  Strauss Lunyangwe

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