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Take extreme caution during rain - RA

2022-01-21  Staff Reporter

Take extreme caution during rain - RA
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The Roads Authority (RA) has provided clarity on a video posted on a local newspaper’s Facebook page regarding flooding of a section on Main Road 28 from Grunau to Seeheim in the //Kharas region. This road forms part of the C12 Tourist route. 

“The road in question was formally de-proclaimed in 2014, due to annual flooding and the danger its alignment posed to the public.  This road is now a farm road and no longer forms part of Namibia’s national road network. Its only purpose is to provide access to the farmers in the vicinity,” read a statement from RA spokesperson Constance Mwilima. 

She explained that after the de-proclamation of the road, the entrance thereof was closed off and all motorists using this route were directed to Grunau via Naute Dam to the B4 and the C routes. Thus, motorists are urged to refrain from using this road, especially during the rainy season. 

“The RA would also like to remind all motorists to exercise extreme caution when travelling during the rainy season. Motorists should plan their trip ahead of time and find out about any road closures or floods on their intended routes from any RA office,” Mwilima stated.   

She also asked the public to report potholes and road damages at their nearest RA offices. 

2022-01-21  Staff Reporter

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