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Taking ‘Patrick Sikiliza’ around Namibia

2023-03-03  Van Wyk Amutenya

Taking ‘Patrick Sikiliza’ around Namibia

 Namibian music star Patrick Mwashindange from the popular band PDK has embarked on an album tour to take his latest album, ‘Patrick Sikiliza’, around Namibia. 

The tour will kick off in Grootfontein today at Motion Lounge and head to Rundu Oshetu lounge tomorrow. 

Music fans can also expect to see Neslow, Jittah, Waka79, Lazza, Tashen Balak, Duppa, Tazz Bandana, Ama Starr Boy, Infinity Namibia and other local artists in action. 

“I decided to make an album tour to take the music to the people, to celebrate love in each other’s lives and to give platforms to the artists in each of these towns that I’m going through,” he told VIBEZ! 

Mwashindange said, in most cases, these towns hardly get shows, and most of the fans never get to see them perform live because they usually just do shows in big towns. 

“I’ve always been a fan of taking music to the people; the songs that will be performed depend on the mood of the night,” he said. 

Mwashindange promised some new elements that he is adding to his performance. There will also be merchandise on sale. 

The album is titled ‘Sikiliza’, a Swahili word for ‘listen’. 

“The idea of the album is for you to listen to it and get the essence because it is very encouraging since it is personal and talks about real-life events,” he explained. 

Mwashindange said he was inspired to write and make the album by love at large and the people in his life who look up to him. 

He said he needed to show his fans his experiences in life and how he overcame difficult situations. 

For the 18-track ‘Patrick Sikiliza’ album, Mwashindange collaborated with four artists: Top Cheri in ‘Symbol’, Page from Ethnix in ‘If she wants’, Rundu-based artist Jitta in ‘Ame Naave’ and fellow PDK band member Dion in ‘Ila’. 

He suggested that DJs and radio presenters should play more local music to empower artists, which will give value to the artists as ambassadors and pack stadiums. 

Patrick Sikiliza T-shirts and album will be sold live at the events. 


2023-03-03  Van Wyk Amutenya

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