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VM6 presents Christmas concert in Walvis Bay

2021-11-26  Staff Reporter

VM6 presents Christmas concert in Walvis Bay
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  Terence Mukasa


Renowned Namibian acapella group VM6 will be serenading the Walvis Bay community in a Christmas-themed concert on 11 December.

VM6 is an independent recording Christian acapella group that expresses itself in an enchanting blend of world music, gospel, jazz, inspiration and pop.

Peter Chizyuka, the spokesperson of the group, told VIBEZ! that they look forward to have their own concert in Walvis Bay, saying: “The Walvis Bay community has the love and culture of attending concerts, so we want to take the concert to them”.

VM6 will be the main act on the night, and will be supported by other artists and groups from all over Namibia.

This time of the year, the group is usually on international Christmas tours (from the first week of November until mid-December). However, the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic has altered those plans.

VM6 is currently made up of two sets of brothers: Peter and Mark Chizyuka, and Jones and Vasco Mario – the four make up the original members of the group - as well as Paulo Correia, who has been on contract with the group since 2017. Other contracted artists over the years were Adora Lilani Kisting from 2012 to 2014, Zikizee Hangero (eight months in 2014), Lorencia Kahimbi (2015-2016) and Lyvodia Lulu (2015-2016).

Another Mario brother, Thomas, as well as Frans Kaunda were part of the founding members of the group, hence the name VM6 was coined when they started singing together in 1999.

On the group dynamics, Peter said: “Accommodating each other’s ideas and thoughts has not been easy, but we have to try every idea brought forward or suggested, and see what works. It’s a long process, but in a team, it’s worthwhile”.

They sing in English, Afrikaans and other Namibian languages, as well as Spanish, Italian, Finnish, Portuguese and Chinese.

They have released four commercial albums as well as three non-commercial albums thus far. Their latest offering is ‘This Christmas’ released on 28 September 2019. 

Over the years, VM6 has performed in SADC, Europe, Russia, America and Asia, and have received 14 national and 15 international awards. 

“We also have a VM6 Valentine Dinner Concert scheduled for 2022 in Swakopmund,” hinted Peter.

They have likewise been invited to perform at the 37th Annual Harmony Sweepstakes a capella festival in March 2022 in New York, USA.









2021-11-26  Staff Reporter

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